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Important Vocabulary Words From The Hindu- Date 11-01-2017

The Hindu Editorial Vocab List- 11-Jan-2017

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The Hindu Editorial – Appointments as spoils of office

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The Supreme Court’s observations (पर्यवेक्षण/टिप्पणियों/देख-भाल) on the quality of a round of appointments made to the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission last year expose (पर्दाफाश/प्रकाश में लाना) the gross disrespect shown by the State government to the institutional integrity (ईमानदारी/सत्यनिष्ठा/अखंडता) of the constitutional body. Standing by the Madras High Court judgment quashing the appointment of 11 members, the court has directed the State government to make a fresh selection of TNPSC members after a “meaningful and deliberative (अधिकारहीन) process”. These observations foreground (अग्रभूमि) the arbitrary (मनमाना/एकपक्षीय/विवेकाधीन) manner in which administrative (प्रशासनिक) power is used to pack recruitment institutions with political favourites. In the case of the TNPSC, the high court had noted that absolutely no process had preceded the appointments, including of a former district judge who had not been offered the two-year extension (विस्तार/वृद्धि) that is given on merit to district judges on their reaching the age of 58. The government has been specifically told that the retired judge would not be eligible in the fresh selection process. TNPSC vacancies were not filled for three years, but close to the Assembly election, chosen persons were asked to submit their bio-data and appointed within a day. The high court could not even go into the relevance (योग्यता/संबद्धता/प्रासंगिकता) of the material on the basis of which the Governor made the appointments, as there was no material bar candidates’ resumes.

The core issue, however, is not eligibility or non-eligibility. Some may be qualified by dint(प्रहार) of their track record, educational qualifications or administrative experience. What is disquieting (बेचैन/अशांत) is that the appointment process has become a “spoils (लूट/नष्ट कर देना/बिगाड़ देना) system” based on political patronage (संरक्षण/सरपरस्ती). The high court had noted that it was not even fair to comment on whether any candidate met the criteria of integrity, calibre (मानसिक शक्ति/बुद्धि का विस्तार/क्षमता) and qualification as the process itself was deeply flawed. It had noted at least three instances (उदाहरणों) of absence of process in selections to State public service commissions. The concept of such commissions was incorporated (निगमित) in the Constitution with the idea that recruitment for public service would be truly independent and free from the pressure of the political executive (कार्यकारी/शासनात्मक/शासनात्मक सत्ता). Going by the recent round of appointments, the Tamil Nadu government does not have a process, leave alone one that is free from arbitrariness. It needs to evolve (विकसित करना/उत्क्रांत होना/निर्माण करना) a process for appointments to the TNPSC that will make integrity and calibre the principal qualifications, while also drawing upon a wider pool of talent than what the ruling party’s limited list of favourites has to offer.


Courtesy: The Hindu

List of Most Important words from The Hindu Editorial Appointments as spoils of office

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Expose Reveal, Bring to light, Disclose Conceal, Cover, Hide
Integrity    Honor, Uprightness, Honesty Deceit, Dishonesty, Corruption
Arbitrary Capricious, Whimsical, Unpredictable, Casual Consistent, Definite, Dependable, Logical
Dint Impression, Effort, Drive Idleness, Inactivity,

Incompetence, Laziness

Patronage Support of a cause, Aegis, Auspices Attack, Blockage, Disapproval, Discouragement
Executive Administrative, Managerial, Governing Subordinate

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