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Reasoning Ability Questions for Bank Exams – Puzzle Set 2 | Reasoning Puzzles For SBI, IBPS, RRB PO Clerk 2017

Reasoning Puzzles For SBI PO & IBPS PO 2017- Set 2

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Welcome to Reasoning Section in Here we are creating question sample in Puzzles set, which is common for all the RBI, RRB, IBPS, SBI exam and other competitive exams. As you know Reasoning is of high importance in getting a good score in Forthcoming Exams. Thus, we are sharing with you a practice set of Reasoning to help you prepare better for the upcoming exams. We hope this post will assist you in sharpening your reasoning skills. All the best folks.

New Pattern Based Reasoning Puzzle for Upcoming Bank Exams 2017-18 (Syndicate Bank PO, SBI PO, IBPS PO)

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1. Read the following information carefully solve the questions that follow:

Six friends– Kalash, Kalyan, Kamal, Kannan, Kapil and Kiran- work in different banks- SBI, BOB, BOI, CBI, SBT and PNB – and they are located on six different floors of a building, numbered 1 to 6. They drive six different cars Baleno, Swift, Alto, Kwid, Ritz and Ford, in no particular order. Each bank is closed on a different day from Monday to Saturday. Kalyan drives Ritz and his bank,BOB is on the 6th floor of the building. Kapil and Kalash have banks on even numbered floors which are closed on Saturday and Monday. SBI is on the lowest floor and it is closed on Tuesday. CBI bank is on the floor next to Kalyan and it is closed on Thursday. The manager of PNB drives a Ford and has leave on Monday. Kiran drives a Kwid and he has only one neighbour. One of the banks on even numbered floors has leave on Friday. Kannan is located two floors below Kamal and he drives an Alto. Kapil, who is not a neighbour of Kamal, drives a Baleno and has leave on Saturday. SBT is on an even numbered floor.

Explanation for the Above Puzzle Question 1

Floor Person Car Bank Day
6 Kalyan Ritz BOB Friday
5 Kamal Swift CBI Thursday
4 Kalash Ford PNB Monday
3 Kannan Alto BOI Wednesday
2 Kapil Baleno SBT Saturday
1 Kiran Kwid SBI Tuesday

1. Read the following information carefully solve the questions that follow:

Eight friends – Ganesh, Gaurav, George, Giri, Gokul, Gowri, Gopal, and Gayathri – go to a Sports Complex on different days of the week, from Monday to Friday. They take part in eight different games – Football, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Swimming, Archery, Table Tennis and Hockey, not necessarily in any order. Two of them walk to the complex, two go by cycle, two by bike and two by car.

Gowri goes by bike on Tuesday along with GANESH who plays Table Tennis.Gayathri and Gaurav travel by car on different days after the day on which GANESH goes to the complex. Gokul plays Basketball on the day exactly between Gayathri and Gaurav. GANESH and Gokul go by cycle. Georgealone goes for Archery on the day before Gowri. Football and Cricket practice is held on Friday. Gayathri plays Badminton. Gopal, who plays cricket and Giri, who plays Hockey, walk to the sports complex. Giri goes to the complex on the same day as Gokul.

Explanation for the Above Puzzle Question 2

Monday George Bike Archery
Tuesday Gouri Bike Swimming
  Ganesh Cycle Table tennis
Wednesday Gayathri Car Badminton
Thursday Giri Walk Hockey
  Gokul Cycle Basketball
Friday Gaurav Car Football
  Gopal Walk Cricket

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